Fluid Neighborhood Founders

Become a Fluid Neighborhood Founder
by Hosting a Fluid Garage!

Fluid is launching community sharing programs across the Denver Metro Area! We’re looking for people interested in founding community sharing in their neighborhood by hosting a Fluid Garage and making $1,000 in four months!

What is a Fluid Garage?

A Fluid Garage is the neighborhood’s central pick up and drop off location for things that neighbors would rent from you on Fluid.

Easy. Efficient. Low Time Commitment.

What would be in a Fluid Garage?

A variety of things from tools, appliances, tents, party supplies, electronics, vehicles, snowboard/skis and other community needs.

Ideally, you already own  a few of these things to help get your Fluid Garage started!

What are Fluid Neighborhood Founders?

Fluid Neighborhood Founders are people interested in making money and helping their neighborhood by hosting a Fluid Garage.

What would I do?

You would…

  • Use your personal garage/shed to host a Fluid Garage for your neighborhood
  • Store items available for rent in your clean, organized garage/shed that is easily accessible to Borrowers
  • Manage rental items through the Fluid app, and be responsible for all reservations and communications with Borrowers
  • Keep all the income made from reservations  
  • Create awesome experiences for other members!
  • Spread the word about Fluid in your community, campus, network, family, Facebook friends… use a unique link that gives you credit for signing people up!
  • Give feedback and brainstorm with Fluid on new features, marketing ideas, and more!

What would I get?

  • $1,000 (total) guaranteed in your first 4 Months!
  • Recurring revenue source that requires less time than ride sharing services
  • All income from your items!
  • Support from Fluid and guidance to help you and your Fluid Garage succeed!
  • Invited to Fluid hosted events!
  • Swag!
  • Satisfaction from helping others save money, reducing unnecessary consumption and for empower community sharing!

What do I need to qualify?

  • Motivated to make extra money
  • Very friendly and super responsive
  • Garage or storage area in your house/condo/townhouse/shed
  • Own or can acquire, at least 3-5 of our top community needs
  • Enjoy your neighborhood and want to grow community sharing
  • A fan of Fluid!

How do I apply?

Please fill out this Google Form and someone from the Fluid team will get back to you very soon!