Lender Success Tips!

So you added your first item on Fluid and have become a Lender. Now what?

Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to make your item stand out on Fluid!

If you have any additional questions, respond to your Fluid Concierge’s message on the app, or email customercare@fluidmarket.com!

How should I price my item?

Depending on the type of item (short term use or long term use), the pricing can be a bit different – but this is the model we generally use. Enable an hourly rate if the item is something used short-term – a snow shovel, a power drill, or a ladder. For the daily rate, we suggest 5-10% of the retail value. Then, for the weekly rate multiply the daily rate by 5, or have the price be 30-50% less than a corporate rental on your item.

Should I write a description?

Absolutely! The description is what draws the borrower in, so write as much as you can about the item! Include measurements, details, or special features if applicable. If your item is hard to use, include an instruction manual or a YouTube link!

What kind of photos should I take?

Take clear pictures of your item with good lighting! The more pictures you have, the higher the probability of your item getting rented. This means multiple angles, small details, or action shots!

How should I write my pickup instructions?

Make sure to add easy to understand pickup instructions to your item! They are sent to the Borrower once you confirm the reservation. These instructions are private until the reservation has been confirmed, so your address won’t be public!

What's Instant Book?

Instant Book is a great feature that allows you to make your items be reserved autonomously – which means when a Borrower requests your item, the reservation is automatically approved and sent pickup instructions. Instant Book may dramatically increase the number of reservations you receive, so if you set your item on Insta-book make sure you have the right pickup instructions and details in place!