Make Money by Sharing Your Car on Fluid

Start earning as much as $1000 a month by sharing your car with neighbors and friends!

How Much Cash Will Your Ride Pull In A Typical Month?

Based on our current data, here are some average earnings from users who rent their cars out on Fluid Truck Share today

Pick-up Trucks


2008 & Newer


2007 & Older

Cargo Vans


2008 & Newer


2007 & Older



2008 & Newer


2007 & Older

What is Fluid?

Fluid is a community sharing app that allows neighbors to rent things from one another, including cars! Whether it’s moving furniture, going on a road trip, or making that dreaded IKEA run, Fluid lenders have been renting their personal vehicles and making extra side cash.

Getting Started on Fluid

  • 1

    Take Photos

    Take five clear photos of your vehicle from all angles, including the inside. Since borrowers browse and make reservations only through the app, it’s important to include photos of distinguishing features

  • 2

    Locate VIN #

    Your vehicle’s VIN #. You can find the VIN # on your registration card, insurance documents, or vehicle records

  • 3

    Make Copies

    Copy of your current registration and vehicle safety report

10 Best Practices for Listing Your Car

  1. Make your listing shine with high-quality photos taken at all angles of the car. If you’re listing a truck or van, include photos of storage space.
  2. Be as detailed as possible in your description and your pick-up instructions to minimize confusion and ensure smooth transactions.
  3. Set competitive hourly, daily, and weekly rates. Do some research and see what similar vehicle rates are in your area. Otherwise, you can always reach out to us for help!
  4. Promote your listing. One of the best ways to get more reservations is to share your listing on your social networks to stand out against the competition.
  5. If you are using your vehicle primarily as a rental, enable the Instabook feature to double or even triple your reservations. To make sure your vehicle can be rented out at all times, put a lockbox with keys on the back of your vehicle, buy a tracker (like Zubie), and let Fluid manage all of your reservations for you.
  6. Keep your car clean. Your borrowers will most likely expect a similar quality and experience to traditional rental car agencies.
  7. Keep your vehicle registration, insurance card, and Fluid Proof of Insurance in the vehicle and make sure your borrower is aware of their location.
  8. Don’t forget – Fluid is about community. Remember to be kind and respectful to your borrowers. They are likely to borrow from you again if they are pleased with their experience, and you may come out of the reservation with a new friend!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does insurance work?

Great question! We have a comprehensive FAQs page specifically for how our insurance policy works here

How do you screen drivers?

Before reserving a Fluid vehicle, Fluid checks all drivers’ motor vehicle records to see if the borrower meets the Fluid Driver Guidelines. We attempt to validate all drivers within 24 hours. For additional information about our Driver Guidelines, please contact

How much could I make per month?

It’s totally up to you! By listing your car on Fluid, you have full control over your car’s availability and rate. It doesn’t cost you anything to list your car on Fluid, but Fluid deducts 20% from complete reservations at the end of a share to cover insurance and dispute management.

List Your Vehicle

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