From Retiree to Lender to Fluid Captain: How one little truck changed retirement!

Meet Mike Gumina! Mike is one of Fluids top lenders! Mike joined Fluid as just a lender in December of 2017 and has been growing his presence ever since. Starting with just 1 vehicle, Mike is now managing a small fleet of 7 units! Shortly after listing his first vehicle, a 16-foot Ford Box Truck with great success, Mike saw the ease and potential of supplemental income with Fluid Truck Share. After some research he quickly took on a Fluid Captain role. Mike now manages 7 vehicles on the platform, including multiple 2019 Ram Promasters!

Mike with one of his Promasters

We had a short Q&A with Mike this week to learn about his Fluid Captain experience so far and here’s what he had to say:

Q: You started buying your own truck and listing it on Fluid, how did you end up managing seven trucks? Why did you decide to become a Fluid Captain?

A:  One day when our families were out to dinner my son in law asked me if I knew what Fluid was, and if I would like to partner with him on a box truck. I immediately thought it would be a great idea. I was looking for something I could do to make some additional cash, but not wanting to go to a regular type of job. I thought being retired, would give me plenty of time to manage the truck and with his demanding job, he doesn’t have the time, so it was a perfect partnership.
Shortly after getting started, I made a one-page flyer that I could hand out to folks and I began calling on some folks in the area near the location that I kept the vehicle. I also sent some mailers to some moving companies that were located close to the truck. Additionally, I put adds on Craigslist and on Nextdoor. This, along with Fluids advertising helped to promote our truck. The rentals started slowly but each month I saw an increase in rentals. After 4 or 5 months our truck was on rent about 25 days or more per month. It went out last November and didn’t come back until mid-January, straight through the holidays. The Fluid Team reached out and asked if I would be willing to take on some additional vehicles late last year. I told them that I was definitely interested. I wanted to do it because it gave me the opportunity to earn additional income from home.

Q: How much time do you dedicate to manage your trucks?

A: I have come to realize managing seven vehicles does not take a whole lot of additional time. I have spent additional time, marketing the vehicles that I currently manage again by talking with, and dropping off fliers and discount cards to folks in the areas where I have vehicles located. What is so great, I can do that when I have the time to do it. It is done at my convenience and I can spend as much or as little time as I wish marketing the fleet. Managing 7 vehicles can realistically take 10 or 15 minutes per week. I spend a little more than that because I choose to. I get a little more involved with our borrowers in some cases where it seems appropriate. I believe if they have a little more contact with someone on a more personal level, there is a better chance that they will keep coming back to us.

Q: Tell us about  your relationship with borrowers: Do they come back and rent again from you? Do you get any positive feedback? What do borrowers like the most about Fluid/your trucks?

A:  I have numerous stories from our borrowers, all of which have one thing in common: “What a great experience it has been using Fluid”, “I will be using your vehicle again”. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard that both on messages and verbally from our borrowers. I have had a borrower call me to let me know that the street that my truck was kept on will be getting road work done to it. They wanted to let me know so I would move it and not get a ticket. They didn’t realize that I had moved it the day before. It is great when your borrower is looking out for you. One of my repeat borrowers has a small moving company and uses our truck frequently. One problem he has however, he works hard, so when he is done with his job for the day, he often goes home, has dinner and sometimes takes a nap prior to returning the truck. He usually has it reserved until 11:00PM. Sometimes, however, his nap goes longer then he plans. I see on Zubie [the GPS tracker provided by Fluid] that it is parked at his house, so when the time is getting close to his scheduled return, I send him a quick message reminding him to get the vehicle back and within minutes the truck is on the move back to its parking spot and he closes out the rental. This person has rented at least 20 times from me and will continue to do so. Those kinds of relationships keep people coming back. Perhaps if I let the clock keep ticking on him with overtime, we may all make a little extra money on that one rental, but then perhaps he would not keep coming back.

Q:  What do you like the most about being a Fluid Captain?

A: What I like most about being a Fluid Captain is the flexibility it offers. It allows me to be as engaged as I would like and it offers me the ability to make the necessary decisions with our borrowers to benefit both Fluid and myself. Additionally, I enjoy interacting with our borrowers and developing relationships with them. I am planning on adding vehicles to the fleet that I currently manage as soon as they are available and I have already decided on areas that I plan to put them.

Q: Any advice for future Fluid Captains?

A: Future Fluid Captains should be easily accessible if folks have question and respond back to them very quickly. If you don’t, chances are, they will go elsewhere. It is important to treat people fairly if there is a misunderstanding.

Fluid is happy to have Mike in our arsenal and we are thrilled it helps him put a extra money in his pocket so he can enjoy his retirement even more!! The opportunities Fluid has are easy for anyone to enjoy! Are you interested in adding a side hustle to your income? Become a Fluid Captain! Email to get more info about the position. If you want to list your truck, hop on over to our lender page and learn more! #TruckYeah!!

Mike Gumina, Fluid Captain.

Need a truck? Borrow it!

Whether you’re gearing up to move to your new apartment, make a big run to Home Depot for your next DIY project, or an Amazon Flex driver ready to deliver, you need the right vehicle (and your hatchback is just not going to do the trick). Fluid Market peer-to-peer truck share to the rescue! Whatever job you have to tackle, you can borrow the truck you need on the Fluid Market truck share app starting as low as $5/hour. No more awkwardly asking your neighbor to borrow their truck, and no more standing in line for hours at an expensive corporate truck rental company. Fluid Market saves you time and money by helping you find the vehicle you need in just a few clicks.

Borrowing a truck on Fluid Market is easy and quick:

  1. Download the Fluid Market truck share app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign up and upload a picture of your driver’s license, a quick selfie, and your credit card information. The first time you rent, we’ll verify your driver’s license and credit card, which generally takes just a few minutes.
  3. Search for the vehicle you need by category, location, and availability.
  4. Reserve your truck!

Vehicle pick up and drop off is also a piece of cake. Once you reserve a vehicle, we’ll send you the vehicle’s location and specific instructions both via email and in the app. At pick up and drop off, you’ll be asked to take pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle to share the vehicle’s condition. Throughout the reservation, you can communicate with the lender directly through the in-app messaging feature.

Want to learn more? Check out our borrower guidelines.

Welcome to the truck sharing revolution and our Fluid Market community! #TruckYEAH

College students get their move on with Fluid Market

College students move a whole lot — into and out of the dorm, into off-campus housing, and back home at the start of the summer. Fluid Market offers a great way for students to save time and money as they transition to a new dorm, apartment, or shared house with their friends. Students can find the truck they need to get the job done with just a few clicks on the Fluid Market app, starting as low as $5/hour. We take the stress out of truck rental so students can get back to the important stuff — hitting the books!

We’re so excited to feature Emma, a student at the University of Colorado, who rented a small box truck on Fluid Market for her recent move into her new apartment. Emma picked up the box truck super early in the morning to start her move, taking advantage of the 24/7 accessibility of the vehicle. With a little muscle help from her friends, Emma completed her move in one day, and saved hundreds of dollars by using Fluid Market.

“Renting a truck on Fluid Market couldn’t have been easier and saved me a ton of cash,” shared Emma, a student at the University of Colorado. “I downloaded the app and found the perfect truck just a couple of miles from where I live. I’ll definitely use Fluid Market truck share for my next move.”

Whether you’re tackling your first move or your tenth, hack your next moving experience by using Fluid Market to find the right vehicle at the lowest cost. Download the app today to get started!

Great new features on the latest Fluid Market app & web experience

One thing we love at Fluid Market is shipping more, great features to our users. Our team constantly updates our mobile app and website to bring the best possible experiences to our lenders and borrowers.

We’re excited to announce some new features for our app and website that make sharing trucks on Fluid Market even easier.

  • Safety & security enhancements: We are committed to creating the safest truck sharing community. We’re proud to announce that we’ve developed our own proprietary, state of the art user vetting system that’s connected to 51 DMVs in the U.S. Our intelligent platform verifies new users based on over 80 points of reference, ensuring a safe and secure experience for our community.
  • Auto-approval for new borrowers: We’ve greatly reduced the time required to approve a new borrower. The majority of our new users are now approved within two minutes.* We know how important it is to lock in new reservations as quickly as possible, ensuring lenders build their side hustle and borrowers can get the vehicle they need as quickly as possible. This feature is available for both our iOS users on the App Store and our Android users on Google Play.
  • Optimized image uploading: We’ve optimized image upload in the app, allowing users to upload images in less than one second, down from 8 seconds previously. This helps ensure that lenders have more information on their vehicle, and that borrowers can more quickly move through the pickup and drop off inspections. This feature is available for our iOS users on the App Store and our Android users on Google Play.
  • Website: We recently relaunched our website enabling users to upload and book a truck as they would from our mobile app. Our website is now a key component of driving additional transactions and ultimately growing the community.

We hear fantastic ideas from our users for future product features, and we’d love to hear your feedback! Please send all product feedback and feature requests to We’ll share regular product updates here on our blog so you can stay on top of the latest and greatest. #TruckYEAH

*Depending on the state DMV, the approval process could take a few hours and up to one business day. If it’s your first time renting, we recommend booking one day in advance. After your ID is approved, all of your future transactions will be approved instantaneously.

Moving mulch sucks. Fluid Market truck share to the rescue. #TruckYEAH

Sprucing up your yard? Borrow a truck on Fluid Market to help you with all of your gardening needs. And don’t risk losing your phone in six bathtubs of gorilla fur bark mulch. #TruckYEAH

Download Fluid Market today on the App Store or Google Play.

Moving furniture sucks. Fluid Market truck share to the rescue. #TruckYEAH

Let’s be real: moving furniture sucks. Especially when you’re creating modern art towers on top of very small hatchbacks. Fluid Market truck share is here to make your life easier. Next time you’re in moving day mode, borrow a truck when and where you need it, starting as low as $5/hour. You’ll thank us for saving your windows from shattering.

Don’t let friends smoosh your cupcakes. #TruckYEAH

Fluid Market is here to serve the almost 30 million small business owners across the US who need the right vehicle to get the job done. Take our friends at Valhalla Cakes in Denver, who make exquisite cakes and cupcakes, and need to deliver their delicacies to their clients just as beautifully as they came out of the oven. For that kind of job we recommend a cargo van, available for as little as $5/hour on Fluid Market, instead of this (admittedly very cute) ’78 Volkswagen beetle.

Find the vehicle you need on Fluid Market, and don’t let your friends smoosh your cupcakes.


Forget the tie. Dad wants a truck.

It’s time to break out of old school Father’s Day gifts. For real…who needs another tie, one more set of tongs for the grill, or more golf tees? This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift he actually wants: hassle-free truck rental on Fluid MarketGot a Dad that isn’t into trucks? No problem, we’ve got those Dads covered, too, with some unforgettable options. Just keep reading.


Top 5 Trucks

Here are our top five truck picks for Dad, so he can tool around the neighborhood in style this Father’s Day.

  1. Dodge Ram Driven by the most loyal half-ton pick up owners. Starting at just $6/hour.
  2. Ford F-150 Great performance and efficiency. Starting at just $5/hour.
  3. Chevy Silverado The most dependable full-size pickups on the road. Starting at just $5/hour.
  4. Toyota Tacoma Built for the endless weekend. Starting at just $5/hour.
  5. GMC Sierra Serious horsepower. Starting at just $5/hour.


And for those Dads that aren’t truck fans, here are two awesome options that will no doubt earn you first prize with your Pops, and some unforgettable photo ops for the ‘Gram.

School Bus

Throw Dad a tailgate party for Father’s Day with the whole family in this short school bus that seats up to 14 people. $249/day – click here



Let Dad experience the future of driving, complete with awesome Falcon Doors on the Model X. Starts at $249/day – Click here


Whatever your vehicle of choice, our Fluid Market team wishes all of the awesome Dads out there a fantastic Father’s Day.

Download the Fluid Market mobile app on the App Store and Google Play.

Fluid Market lender uses personal touches to create great experiences for her truck renters

Lender Success: How a personal touch drives repeat business

Lots of folks dream of visiting Paris, but Amy H. is realizing her dream of returning to the City of Lights by getting her side hustle on through Fluid Market. Amy H., an executive administrator at Denver-based NIMBL, first heard about Fluid Market in September 2017 through a recommendation on Nextdoor. She immediately saw the opportunity to earn some extra money, and posted up her 2006 Dodge Ram. Amy H. now has hundreds of side hustle dollars in her pocket to help finance her next dream vacation: a return to Paris, where she and her husband spent their unforgettable honeymoon.

“I love the ease and convenience of renting my truck on Fluid Market,” shared Amy H., Fluid Market lender and Denver-based executive administrator. “All it takes is a few clicks a week and sharing a few messages in the app with prospective renters, and my Dodge is out earning for me while I’m at my day job. So many of my renters thank me for making their lives easier, allowing them to inexpensively and easily bring home their purchases from Home Depot, move furniture, and transport mulch. Fluid Market is an awesome and super easy way to earn extra money.”

Amy H.’s pro tip for Fluid Market lenders? Go a bit further for your renters and it will pay off. “I take that extra step by making sure there are bottles of water, extra windshield wiping fluid, tow straps, and tie downs in my truck,” shared Amy H. “I also leave my renters a note in the car thanking them for using Fluid Market — it’s a personal and simple touch that I see translate into return business. I’ve been amazed to see that my renters treat my vehicle well, returning it in the same condition they found it.”

With that kind of successful side hustle, Amy H. will be boarding a plane back to Paris soon!

Interested in becoming a Fluid Market lender? Check out these easy lender success steps.